hi there, fellow mom!

I'm Christina.

I'm a former campus minister, lay Dominican, and fertility and cycle educator with more than a decade of experience.

But more importantly, I'm a mom.

So when it came time to talk with my girls about their cycles, I knew I wanted a program that would give them all the great science about cycles I teach to adults.
But I also knew it needed to be age appropriate, because, well, we don't need to be worrying about fertility quite yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I show these videos in a group?
This course is designed to be viewed at home, so the license covers a single family (which of course means that you can watch with ALL of your daughters!). If you are interested in purchasing a license to show the Cycle Prep videos in a parish, classroom, or other group setting, please visit my Group Hosting information page.
2Is this course medically accurate?
Every effort has been made to ensure the medical and scientific accuracy of this information, including consultation with numerous pediatricians who have viewed and approved this course. It has even been endorsed by My Catholic Doctor, where pediatric patients can receive a special discount.
3Do these videos cover sex ed?
Nope! We do contextualize the menstrual cycle as a means to eventually carry a pregnancy, and briefly touch on the Equation of Life, which is egg (from the mother) + sperm (from the father) = baby. We do not go into any more details, because we want to focus primarily on cycles and periods. I defer to parents' discernment about how and when to discuss sex, but I also include some suggested resources in the parent download materials.
4Does this course teach cycle charting?
This course is designed for girls prior to the start of their first menses, so it does not teach how to chart cycles. If you are interested in helping your daughter chart for health (not fertility or NFP), then please check out my 'Charting for Girls' Handbook and Video Course!
5Is this a religious program?
I am a woman of faith, so the Cycle Prep presentation reflects my fundamental beliefs that the design of our bodies is good and should be respected; however, there is nothing overtly religious in the presentation of any of these materials. If you want to teach your children *why* body literacy is important for Catholics, then I highly recommend supplementing Cycle Prep with my FREE "Catholic Connections" videos.
6Once I purchase, how can I access the course?
When you purchase a program, you will prompted to create a user Login for the Podia learning platform (which is where you are reading this text right now!) Whenever you return to the Pearl & Thistle Podia page, you can Login using that information and you will be able to access any of the courses you have purchased online.
7Can I download these videos?
Videos hosted in this Podia learning platform cannot be downloaded, so please be sure that you have internet access to be able to play them! All PDF handouts and supplemental materials, however, can be accessed and downloaded as many times as needed.

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