What would it look like for your community to have: 

  • age-appropriate body literacy education for families?
  • robust NFP access and support?
  • understanding that our bodies are created good and deserve to be respected? 
  • the vocabulary and the resources to know and love God's design for our bodies? 

If this is the vision you have for your SCHOOL, PARISH, DIOCESE, or any broader community... Pearl & Thistle is here to support you!

A new model for diocesan NFP

Promote NFP in your diocese without adding to your to-do list.

Do you feel like the weight of educating EVERYONE in your diocese about NFP falls exclusively on your shoulders? In this free video, Christina lays out a new vision of diocesan model for NFP ministries, based on the idea that dioceses' energy is best spent equipping the parishes to provide local NFP education and support. 


First of all: priests and parish employees shouldn't feel like they have to do it ALL.

At Pearl & Thistle, we believe that lay people have an active and very important role to fill in offering education and mutual support for body literacy and Natural Family Planning. 

That's why we have a training program to EQUIP members of your parish or diocesan community to truly be NFP AMBASSADORS: people who are knowledgeable about different types of NFP, are willing to connect with others to share resources, and who have identified specific areas they feel called to support body literacy and NFP. 

Parishes and dioceses are encouraged to sponsor this training, through reimbursing their Ambassadors or working with Pearl & Thistle directly to subsidize or pay for the cost outright. Contact Christina to learn more!

Beyond that, let's chat!

I'd love to talk with you about how I can help you bring body literacy and NFP promotion to your community in a way that makes it super easy for you and incredibly impactful for them.